About University

Helwan University (HU) was established in 1975 over 350 acres of land. It is the youngest of 3 major governmental universities in Cairo the Capital of Egypt. It is located about 25 km south to the capital Cairo in the heart of the industrial district of  Helwan which includes the largest civil and military industrial centers in the country. This has put a greater responsibility on HU to become an active national player in promoting entrepreneurial education, bridging the gap between academia and industry and preparing graduates to meet the needs of the market place.

HU consists of a family of 24 (Twenty Four) different faculties distributed over several locations in the governorates of Cairo and Giza. This has enabled HU to play a more effective and most innovative role in influencing huge generations of students who understand different societal problems and differences in culture, background and life style with the ability to meet those challenges.Although HU is the most recent of 3 major governmental universities in Cairo, it encompasses some of the oldest and most unique aculties in Egypt and the Middle East. The faculty of Applied Arts, for example, was established in 1839, while the faculty of Fine Arts and Art Education were established in 1908 and 1936, respectively.

HU does also have a number of faculties with special innovative nature. Examples of these faculties are the faculty of Music Education, the faculty of hysical Education for males and the faculty of Physical Education for females, the faculty of Home Economics, and the facultyof Tourism and Hotels. The previous faculties are indeed the oldest and most pioneering in Egypt and the Middle East.HU does also encompass twelve other faculties, three of which, are outside the campus. These faculties are; namely,the faculty of Engineering at Helwan, the faculty of Engineering at Materia and the faculties of Industrial Education at El-Ameria. The remaining nine faculties,however, are located within the premise of the University campus at Ain Helwan. These are; namely, the faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, the faculty of Social Studies, the faculty of Education, the faculty of Science, the faculty of Arts, the faculty of Law, the faculty of Pharmacy, the faculty of Computers and Information Technology and the faculty of Nursing.Over the last four years, three new colleges were established.

These are the college of Medicine (2013), the college of Graduate Studies and Interdisciplinary Research (2014) and the National Institute of Intellectual Property (2016).

HU have around 150.000 undergraduate students,20.000 Postgraduate Students, 5,000 faculty members and 7,000 administrative staff. Females constitute almost 50% of the university’s total students population and more than 60% of the administrative staff population. 

Helwan University does also have one of the largest Electronic libraries amongst all Egyptian Universities.HU endeavors to maintain its branding as a unique University in the fields of Science, Art, and Music. HU puts greater emphasis on building capacity on entrepreneurial education and training, technology transfer and preserving the intellectual property rights. The University is highly
concerned with developing its programs and agreements at the national, regional and international levels and it continuously aims at developing its resources through income generation and funded projects at all available levels.