Helwan University is a well-established, medium-sized, university in Cairo. It is the only university in Egypt with diverse disciplines that include Arts (Fine Arts, Applied Arts & Arts Education), Physical education, Music Education, Engineering, Science, Social Work, Home Economics and Law. It is best known for its arts and applied arts provision. Yet, it is gradually widening its curriculum and its reach to become a genuinely comprehensive university by including Medical Education as well (Medicine, Nursing & Pharmacy). It was established in 1975, however, it has some colleges dated back to late 19th and early 20th centuries. Further internationalization is a strategic priority and the university is seeking to make mutually beneficial collaborative partnerships with first-rate international universities. 

Who we are? 

Helwan University has established in 2016 international Relations Office (IRO). The office is functioning to implement the university strategies in internationalization. To remarkably address the internationalization, many areas are tackled as: promoting exchange of faculty and researchers; tracking grants; encouraging twining programs with international universities; and diversifying the student population are among others.  

What we do?

 * Achieve the university vision, mission as well as the strategic objectives pertaining internationalization. 
 * Prepare an institutional methodology for international visibility of the University and its faculties.
 * Preparation of studies to identify schemes of funding available from international fund agencies.
 * Spread the internationalization culture among the university community to fully capitalize the university international partnerships and available funds.
* Provide training programs for the university community on proposal writing and project management. 
 * Build bridges for cooperation and partnerships with the first rank international universities and share best practices in internationalization. 
 * Propose the drafting of protocols, agreements and MOUs between the university and other international HEIs. 
 * Represent the university in educational exhibitions and international forums and fairs.

* Publicize international events and conferences and encourage the university community to participate. 
 * Promote academic programs for international students. 
 * Provide logistical support for academic mobility for faculty and students.
 * Establish database for the university international HEIs potential partners, international fund as well as the scientific activities run by the faculty staff. 
 * Build bridges with the university scholars abroad.